Francesca Dansereau

Coordinator of the NEAT clinic Francesca Dansereau is a PhD candidate in Human Development at McGill University. She worked as an integration technology specialist, an adaptive technology trainer for Microcomputer Science and as an RDI certified consultant in private practice. The research she has conducted in the field focuses on neurodevelopmental disabilities (down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder and intellectual disabilities), quality of life and education technology. Expanding her expertise, her dissertation focuses on career development and autism spectrum disorder for which she founded The Social Tree Foundation in 2017 to open an integration employment and career program in the Montreal area. She has clinical experience in the field of Neuropsychology and Psychology as she has been a psychometrist since 2012 until present. She received a contract part of the Cree Health Board in 2018 as part of the Neurodevelopmental Diagnostic and Intervention Clinic. As of 2020, the NEAT Clinic became recognized as a Canadian Indigenous Service Provider where she continues to work as part of the Neurodevelopmental Diagnosis and Intervention's Team for the Inuit Nations. Finally, in 2020 she became Coordinator of the NEAT clinic where she supports families through the harmonization and management of their therapeutic services offered at the clinic.